Welcome to Kontos Restaurant in Naxos!Welcome to Kontos Restaurant on Naxos

The story of Kontos Restaurant in Naxos, one of the most famous Naxos restaurants, started in 1986 when Antonis and Maria Salteri started the little tavern on the sandy beach of Mikri Vigla for the very few travelers who made their way there, seeking for a peaceful and authentic beach in Greece.
Maria was not a professional chef but she was very familiar with the flavors of Greek traditional cuisine and the local specialties that she was taught by her mother. Antonis was not an experienced farmer but he learned to grow all kinds of vegetables and groceries with biological methods and the “old way”.
Today, Kontos Restaurant, continues to offer homemade Aegean and local Naxian specialties made by original, traditional recipes using the most fresh ingredients cooked in virgin olive oil. These reasons and the beautiful location made of Kontos Restaurant one of the best restaurants on Naxos Island.
The high standards of the restaurant of selecting the raw materials and the respect to tradition and quality have established Kontos Restaurant over the years as one of the finest in Aegean and Greek cuisine. In 2007 the Greek National Tourism Organization certified us with the “genuine traditional and quality Greek cuisine” award.